Lighthouses and Daymarks

Most people interested in sea kayaking, as well as boating in general, have a special interest in lighthouses. I'm not an exception, and hence I've started a long-term project to visit all lighthouses and daymarks of the Finnish coast by kayak. It's not an overly long list, around 80 places, depending on how you count them. Some of them are very difficult to get to by kayak, though, due to being far out or having strict restrictions around them. A few might be even be totally unrealistic. I'm not going to be in a rush to go through them, but will rather use this as an extra excuse to visit new places. If it takes ten years, it takes ten years.

What is a lighthouse
Wikipedia: A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways.

What is a daymark?
Wikipedia: A daymark or a day marker is the daytime identifier (attached signboard) of an aid to navigation (ATON) or daybeacon.

I've made the following rules for me:
  • The visit must be made by kayak and if necessary by foot the last bit.
  • The lighthouse or daymark must be clearly visited, it is not enough to see it in the distance. A pure performance is actually touching the item, but I won't  make that totally mandatory. It is enough to land on the island and approach the item in question, since I don't want to e.g disturb birds too much to actually get to touch a lighthouse.
  • If it's impossible to land on the island, paddling around the island is enough.
  • If it is unreasonable to paddle around the island, say 50 km or so, and impossible to land, getting as close as possible is enough. I don't actually think we have any of those in Finland, though.
  • I reserve the right to make a new interpretation in exceptional circumstances. E.g the Sandbäck lighthouse is very far out and there are strict restrictions in the area.

A list of the lighthouses and daymarks of the Finnish coast, from north to south and west to east:
Northern Ostrobothnia
  • Keminkraaseli lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Ykskivi daymark, not yet visited
  • Ulkokrunni daymark, not yet visited
  • Marjaniemi lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Keskiniemi daymark, not yet visited
  • Laitakari daymark, not yet visited
  • Tauvo lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Tasku daymark, not yet visited
  • Iso-kraaseli daymark, not yet visited
  • Ulkokalla lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Tankar lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Kallan lighthouse
  • Mässkär daymark
  • Kejsarkobben daymark
  • Hällgrund daymark, not yet visited
  • Stubben lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Stubben daymark, not yet visited
  • Sälskär lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Högsten daymark, not yet visited
  • Märket lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Marhällan daymark, not yet visited
  • Kobbaklintar daymark, not yet visited
  • Nyhamn lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Flötjan lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Lågskär lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Bogskär lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Bogskär daymark, not yet visited
  • Ledskär daymark, not yet visited
  • Fästorna daymark, not yet visited
  • Gustaf Dalen lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Bogskär daymark, not yet visited
  • Kökarsören lighthouse
  • Bogskär daymark, not yet visited
Archipelago Sea
Gulf of Finland
  • Gustavsvärn lighthouse
  • Russarö lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Längden lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Storgadden daymark, not yet visited
  • Segelskär daymark, not yet visited
  • Jussarö (Sundharun) lighthouse
  • Porkkala lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Rönnskär daymark, not yet visited
  • Suomenlinna lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Hamaja lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Söderskär daymark
  • Glosholm daymark, not yet visited
  • Tiiskeri lighthouse, not yet visited
  • Orrengrund daymark, not yet visited
  • Haapasaari daymark, not yet visited

The lighthouses and daymarks visited so far:

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