Monday, June 25, 2018

IsoKari / Enskär lighthouse

I visited the Isokari / Enskär lighthouse by kayak a sunny day in July 2017. An attempt a year earlier was aborted due to hard wind.
Isokari / Enskär is an island 24 west from Uusikaupunki, though it belongs to Kustavi. The island is pretty far out in the Bothnian sea. It is known for quite difficult waves when the wind is harder and is therefore a bit weather sensitive when going there by kayak.

The lighthouse is the third highest in Finland with a height of 37 m (49.4 over sea level) and was built 1833.

The current lens system was made in Paris in 1872 and was transferred to Isokari from the Marjaniemi lighthouse in 1952.

The island itself is quite interesting and hosts a number of different nature types, and is well worth a visit.

Position: 60° 43,10176' E 21° 0,65562'

Source: Suomen majakat. Seppo Laurell

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