Saturday, June 23, 2018

Valsörarna / Valassaaret lighthouse

Valsörarna (Valassaaret in Finnish) were visited by kayak a rainy day in 2015 during a week long trip in the Kvarken area.

The islands are quite far out, with a 7 km crossing, and are quite weather sensitive. From there it is only about 23 km to the closest Swedish islands, so it would be no big deal to paddle over to Sweden from there during nice weather.

The 36 m high lighthouse made in iron was planned and built in 1885-86 by the Henry-Lepaute engineering company from Paris, known for later building the Eiffel tower a few years later. There are certain similarities in the construction.The first attempted spot was unsuitable. After having a almost 20 m deep hole in clay, with no sign of solid rock, the current spot on solid rock was chosen.

The island is now mostly covered by trees, but there are some occasional barren and treeless areas as well. It is a nice place to go by kayak, but there are strict restrictions in the area, and camping is allowed only in a few places outside the bird nesting period, which last 1.4-31.7.

YouTube has nice drone footage from the place.

Position: N 63° 25,315' E 21°4,082'

Source: Suomen majakat, Seppo Laurell

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