Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ritgrund lighthouse

Ritgrund is a skerry a bit north from Replot in Kvarken, that hosts the Ritgrund lighthouse. I visited it in 2015, during a week long kayaking trip in the area.

The Ritgrund lighthouse was built as a daymark in 1863 and was modified into a lighthouse in 1945. It is the only lighthouse in Finland that has gone through this transformation and it is also the only lighthouse made of tree. The light is at a height of 25.2 m over the sea, with the lighthouse itself being 18 m high.

A pilot station was built on the island in 1871 and the building is still there. The pilots moved away from there in 1983.

The island is has a little forest on it, but is otherwise fairly barren.

It is a pretty nice place to paddle to if one is in the area, but it is a bit weather sensitive with an 8 km crossing that is open to northeast wind all the way from Kemi over 300 km away.

Position: N 63° 25,592' E 21°30,527'

Source: I yttersta havsbandet. Fyrar och båkar i svenska Österbotten. Hans Hästbacka.

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