Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday morning ride

Despite a slight uncertainty about the condition of the trails, seven riders turned up for the morning ride at 7:30. The trails where fairly hard in the beginning, but still very narrow, resulting a lot of snow angels.

MTB 50+

Matti H

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Racing and events

I took a look at the racing calendar and found the following events that I will strive to participate in.

  • 16.5 Mtb XC race in Lieto.
  • 22-23.5 24H Mtb event in Lohja
  • 6.6 Mtb XC race in Salo
  • 13.6 Pirkan pyöräily road event.
  • 3.7 Tahko MTB 180 km.
  • 18.7 Mtb marathon in Seinäjoki
  • 15.8 Mtb XC race in Turku.
  • 29.8 Myllyn pyöräily road event.
  • 19.9 MTB-Enduro in Turku.
  • 26.9 Pirkka MTB, mtb marathon.

Some local events are still missing, since I could not find any info about them. It is also rather unlikely that I will have the possibility to participate in all these.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another overnighter

The weather was so good that I had to use the opportunity to do a short overnighter, despite a slight flu. It was neither too cold nor too warm (which would soften the trails). The temperature was a few degrees below freezing with a nighttime low of around -8°C.

I started at 20:00 in the evening. The sun hade already set 1.5 hours earlier.

The trails are in hard and good shape, but they are very narrow. Typically there is about 20 cm of usable steering area, outside which the front wheel quickly sinks down. There is around 40 cm of snow currently.

I rode from my home trails in Varissuo around the lake of Littoinen, through the forest of Vyyryläisenmäki, through Kaarina and to the trails of Ala-Lemu. At Vaarniemi, after a little under 3 hours, I found a spot with nice view westwards. I went to sleep in my sleeping bag and bivy bag, just as a light snowfall started.

Around 6 o'clock in the morning it started to get light and I slowly started to wake up. The morning coffee and porridge were consumed while waiting for the sun to rise, which happened 6:55.

The camp site.

I packed my bike and started going at 7:30. It was a beautiful morning.

The Fargo takes what is needed for this kind of a trip with ease, without having to use a backpack. I did have a small fanny pack for the DSLR, just to test if it would give any better pictures, though.

More nice riding.

The other guys were going on a slightly later morning ride, though there seem to have been some confusion about what gear to bring.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The morning riders are back

Today the morning section of MTB-Turku (MTB-Turun aamujaos) gathered again at 5:30 in the morning. It has been a long break. The riding was quite nice, but the trails are currently very narrow, demanding very precise riding. The Fargo worked well again, though in these conditions a slightly slower steering might actually be easier to handle. The Fargo has the same kind of steering as the Gary Fisher Hifi with the very agile G2 geometry.

It was also very warm today, around 5°C in the middle of the day. The snow melts very rapidly in this temperature. Hopefully the fenders will arrive soon, since they are needed now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Traditional March weather

No bike riding today, despite the absolutely fantastic weather. The bigger forest trails are in rideable condition, but I have to save my strength for tomorrow's Pirkka skiing event. I did still enjoy the weather, though.

I built a snow cave with the children on my backyard.

Inside the snow cave.

I also took a walk in my local forest.

This is how March should be: Snow, cold nights and the shining sun warming up everything during the day.