Saturday, March 20, 2010

Racing and events

I took a look at the racing calendar and found the following events that I will strive to participate in.

  • 16.5 Mtb XC race in Lieto.
  • 22-23.5 24H Mtb event in Lohja
  • 6.6 Mtb XC race in Salo
  • 13.6 Pirkan pyöräily road event.
  • 3.7 Tahko MTB 180 km.
  • 18.7 Mtb marathon in Seinäjoki
  • 15.8 Mtb XC race in Turku.
  • 29.8 Myllyn pyöräily road event.
  • 19.9 MTB-Enduro in Turku.
  • 26.9 Pirkka MTB, mtb marathon.

Some local events are still missing, since I could not find any info about them. It is also rather unlikely that I will have the possibility to participate in all these.

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