Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vigu Winter Fells 2

I was already waiting for spring, in vain of course, since it arrives in the middle of April, when I headed north for the Vigu Winter Fells 2 course. I took the Winter Fells 1 course three years ago. It focused on moving in the fells with heavier equipment, living in snow caves, avalanche safety as well as using telemark technique for the descents. Winter Fells 2 builds on the same foundation, with more avalanche safety and steeper terrain, but instead uses randonnée equipment and techniques.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The beginning of the kayaking season

The winter has been rather strange. It has not been a cold and snowy winter, but at the same time it differs from the three previous warm winters in that it has been cold enough to get sea ice, sea ice that has prevented kayaking near Turku and instead enabled excellent Nordic skating. The four month long skating season ended a week ago for me. It would still be possible to skate on sea ice today, but my skates broke, and it was anyway time to start the kayaking season after a three month break.