Yeti rides focuses on my excursions into the outdoors in Finland, year round. For the most part I'm roaming fairly close to my home in Southwestern Finland, but occasionally there is some content from other parts in Scandinavia as well. My principal mode of transportation during these outings is a terrain capable bike, but I also walk, move by skis and occasionally paddle a kayak. I'm also currently taking an education to become a Wilderness and Nature guide at Axxell and write about the courses here on the blog.

This blog mainly consists of photographs accompanied with some text, and photography is also a main activity for me when being outdoors. Occasionally there is some more technical photography content, though I'm more into photography  technique than photography technology. Expect more videos in the future, since learning to make short outdoor films is currently a focus of mine. My current films can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.

You won't find many gear reviews here, since I'm focusing more on being outside. Gear plays an important role in modern lightweight outdoor activities, though, and a quick search on the internet should yield plenty of information about this matter.

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Peter Nylund