Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just another February overnighter.

This was supposed to be the blog entry where I would write about how good a time I had at the Rovaniemi 150 race. It should also have featured photography from a nice winter landscape. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way. One week before the race, my 8-year old son broke his thigh bone riding a pulk in high speed against a tree. The thigh bone is supposed to be the strongest bone in the human body, but it still broke into two pieces. A surgery and two hospital days later, he came home in a wheel chair, where he was to stay for a month, not putting any strain onto the leg that had been put together again with titanium.  He should be back to normal in four months or so. But, in this situation my presence and help was needed at home and I couldn't go to Rovaniemi, despite everything already being arranged.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter overnighter in Teijo

We finally got snow. Some are not that excited, while others are more so. I had the possibility to do an Saturday-Sunday overnighter and wanted to do some snow riding before Rovaniemi 150 as well. It turned that some Vigu (Wilderness Guide) students had planned to spend the weekend in the Teijo area, and I decided to join them for the Saturday-Sunday night and combine some snow training with a nice overnighter in good company.