Photography is an important activity for me when being outdoors. I honestly believe that photography is a good way to see more, pay attention to the small details of nature and also motivate you to seek out interesting conditions (e.g. get up really early in the morning to see the sunrise).

I've gone through maybe five or six of different systems, in addition to some pocket cameras, since I bought my first SLR in 1990. In 2003 I got my first DSLR (a Canon EOS 300D) and haven't touched ordinary film since then. I used Canon EOS cameras until August 2011, when I traded it all for a Micro Four Thirds (MFT, m43) system. I haven't looked back. Currently I think m43 offers the best compromise between size, weight and image quality, at least for me. M43 cameras and lenses, are significantly lighter than traditional DSLR:s, while giving up very little in image quality. My main camera is now an Olympus EM-5, which really is an excellent photography camera. It is not as good on video, and therefore I still keep my Panasonic GH2, which really is an video excellent camera.

 I do have some some zoom lenses, the Olympus 9-18, the Olympus 14-150 and the Olympus 12-50, but the lenses I'm really fond of are the fixed Panasonic 20/1.7 and especially the Olympus 45/1.8. Both are very sharp, feature large apertures and the 45/1.8 has a really nice bokeh.

I don't bring all the gear with me at any given occasion, but choose a suitable combination for the task at hand. I generally have only one of the cameras with me, in addition to the very small pocket camera Canon PowerShot S90. The S90 (and the successors S95 and S100) is currently one of the better small pocket camera. The image quality is good, the lens has a large maximum aperture and the size is small enough for just about any pocket. I use it for quick snapshots and also as a time lapse camera, since it gets a working internal timer when loading the CHDK firmware on it. A good small pocket camera can certainly be recommended, since it still remains a good complement even if you have a larger camera system. The picture below shows a part of my current setup.

The gear is generally carried in a Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW, an excellent camera backpack made for action sports. The gear fits fine and is well protected, and only takes a moment to retrieve the camera without removing the backpack completely.