Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yttergrund lighthouse

The Yttergrund lighthouse is the second highest lighthouse in Finland.

I visited the Yttergrund lighthouse in July 2018 on an overnighter from Merikarvia to Kristinestad/Kristiinankaupunki. The lighthouse is 40.9 m high and rises 43.6 m over the sea. It was built in Helsinki 1892 and disassembled and assembled again on Yttergrund. At the time it was the highest lighthouse in the Nordic countries.

At that time Yttergrund was a barren island with no real forests, but now only half of the lighthouse is visible from sea. The forest has grown since the lighthouse was automated in 1963.

The houses of the lighthouse personnel.

Position: N 61° 58,774' E 21° 17,658'

Source: I yttersta havsbandet. Fyrar och båkar i svenska Österbotten. Hans Hästbacka.

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