Saturday, March 16, 2019

Rövargrund fishing lighthouse

As a part of my project to visit the lighthouses and daymarks of the Finnish coast by kayak I visited the fishing lighthouse at Rövargrund in June 2017.

Rövargrund is situated in Nämpnäs, just outside a fishing harbour. The red part of the lighthouse was built in 1896, to help fishermen and seal hunters. The lighthouse shows a safe passage into the sheltered harbour of Ösundsviken, in an area full of stones. In 1951 the light construction was redesigned, the white part of the lighthouse. Nowadays it works as a daymark only, the light was switched off in 1998.

The island itself is quite small and I didn't land on it, only paddled around the island before continuing.

Position: N 62° 28,115' E 21° 7,934'

Source: I yttersta havsbandet. Fyrar och båkar i svenska Österbotten. Hans Hästbacka.

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