Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kristinestad / Kristiinankaupunki lighthouse

The Kristinestad / Kristiinankaupunki lighthouse is situated on open water around 7 km away from the outermost archipelago. I visited it on a July evening.

I intended to go there once before, but deemed the weather too risky that time, which was a good decision since a thunderstorm would have caught me way out on open water. This time the weather was better, though. From the closest island there is a 7 km open crossing to the lighthouse, easy in good weather.

The lighthouse itself is a modern construction, built in 1991 to mark the entrance to the Björnön / Karhunsaari shipping lane. It is 22.6 m high and has a light range of 12.2 nm.

This is one of very few places where the great cormorant actually has nests on a man made construction, up on the helicopter landing pad.

Position: N 62° 12,195' and E 21°10,181'

Source: I yttersta havsbandet. Fyrar och båkar i svenska Österbotten. Hans Hästbacka.

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