Sunday, July 28, 2019

Spelharu daymark

The Spelharu daymark is situated in Gullkrona Bay in the Archipelago Sea. I visited it in 2018.

The daymark is in the middle of the archipelago, and it thus in fairly protected waters and is easy to access. The island itself is a typical haru, a high rounded rock, but it is possible to land with a kayak on the east corner.

A first daymark was built here in 1856 to mark the shipping lane between Gullkrona and Jungfrusund. It was replaced by the current construction around 1880 and was thoroughly renovated in 1984. The Spelharu daymark is 4.6 m high and reaches 12.2 m over the sea.

Position: N 60° 3,883' and E 22°8,331'

Source: Suomen majakat. Seppo Laurell

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