Thursday, July 18, 2019

Another small one

The 14-year old is now definitely big enough for one of my kayaks, being over 180 cm tall. On vacation there is a lot to do and not to do, and I've held back a little in order to have time to just be lazy and do nothing for a few days. A small overnighter almost falls into that category.

We started from Ölmos, where I've only started Nordic Skating tours before. It was on a suitable 9 km distance to Sandön, though, and we had tailwind on the way.


We left bad weather behinds us with rain and lightning.

At Sandön a little before nine in the evening.

We pitched the tent, ate a small dinner and went to the sunset side to enjoy the evening and make a blueberry pie.

My field oven often accompanies me on kayaking trips.

Blueberry pie and vanilla sauce.

The sun set at 22:35..

We went back to the tent and soon fell asleep.

I got up at seven and Tor an hour later.

At nine we started back in a varying head wind.

We were back a little before eleven.

Not a long trip, but nice and sufficient for the purpose.

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