Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bengtskär lighthouse

The Bengtskär lighthouse is the highest lighthouse in the Nordic country. It has an interesting war history and is also far enough out that you cannot always get there. Thus the place is clearly attractive for sea kayakers.

During a kayaking trip of the local kayaking club in the area, the weather was perfect for changing the plans and paddle to Bengtskär. We paddled straight from north, which is the route that has at least some skerries on the way to Bengtskär.

The lighthouse is 45.8 m high and 51 m high from the surface of the sea. It was built in 1906 in granite and brick. The stairs to the top are quite fascinating.

The lighthouse is situated on a small rocky skerry and has a three floor living quarters for the lighthouse keepers with families. At most 37 persons lived on there.

Bengtskär was of strategic importance and dramatic fights took place there 1941. More information here.

Position: N 59° 43,409' E 22°29,961'

Source: Suomen majakat. Seppo Laurell

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