Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Workhorse

My Salsa Fargo, which I built in January 2010 hasn't gotten much mention lately in this blog, so here is one.

The Fargo is still the bike I ride the most, almost every day to work, and it is still an excellent bike, so maybe there is time for some pictures of it again, especially since I did some modifications to the cockpit. I also removed the frame bag from some small reparations, and the size of this XXL bike can be seen more clearly.

After having had the Salsa Woodchipper handle bar mounted for eight years, I switched it out to a Salsa Cowchipper, which I think gives a much better hoods position, while still being reasonable terrain capable in the drops position. I also mounted a shorter and higher stem for a more relaxed riding position.

The pedals are a version with a cage around the SPD mechanism, for easier riding with ordinary shoes.

While there should be some other reasonable saddle alternatives today, like the ones from SQLab, I've stayed with the Rido R2 saddle, since it is so comfortable. A Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension post still protects my lower back.

The brakes have been switched from BB5 to BB7 a few years ago, which I think do work a lot better. I'm nowadays running 1x9 gears, and will continue to do so until I've used up the few cassettes I have left. After that it will probably be 1x11 or 1x12. The Planet Bike Cascadia 29 fenders still work as they should, and have proven that they also work on singletrack. During the winter I have Schwalbe Marathon Winter 50 mm tires mounted, during the summer I have usually had Schwalbe Racing Ralph under or some semi slicks like now.

The Salsa Fargo is still available, in a model more versatile than ever, but I do think it is a bit expensive at 990 € for the frameset currently. Definitely an excellent bike, though.

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