Thursday, July 5, 2018

Rönnskär daymark

The Rönnskär daymark is the oldest still standing wooden daymark in Finland. I visited it in 2017 during a trip in the fantastic Rönnskär archipelago.

The daymark is 21.7 m high with a height over the sea of 29.3 and is clearly visible from a distance.

The Rönnskär archipelago is extremely stony, but it is still possible to find good tent spots there. It really is one of the nicest placest I've been in with a kayak.

The daymark, which is situated on the Fäliskär island, was built in 1784 and has remarkably enough made it through the 1808-1809 and the Crimean wars, when most of the sea marks were destroyed. It is built in wood

The island has also been a base for naval pilots for several hundred years, but no longer. The buildings are still left, though, and can be rented for meetings and accomodation.

The island itself is one of the few mostly stone free islands in the area.

On YouTube you can find some really nice drone footage of the place.

Position: N 63° 3,743' E 20°48,212'

Source: I yttersta havsbandet. Fyrar och båkar i svenska Österbotten. Hans Hästbacka.

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