Sunday, December 19, 2010


Just when I was about to start sewing my own bike pogies, Harri wrote about the cheap ones available at Biltema (product number 82176). I decided to take a look at them and bought a pair, the idea being to get some experience with them before I design my own ultimate bike pogies. As expected, they need some modifications to be fully usable, but I think that with a little sewing they might actually be great. The handlebar closure needs to be improved with some velcro and fleece to get it more sealed and the arm hole is unnecessary big. The biggest improvement would be to add some velcro to attach them at the outer ends of the handlebar. I also expected to have to add some insulation to them, but that will not be necessary. My hands were very warm with just summer gloves inside during a two hour ride today at -12°C.

Most of the trails were back to fatbike only state after the snowfall. This one would not have been rideable with an ordinary bike even before the latest snowfall.

Gaiters are nice.

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  1. Nice! Tried my pogies last evening, hot glued Velcro in the opening for the hands, unfortunately the Velcro was a bit too weak to keep the whole gap closed while I had my arms in the pogies, have to improve the construction.

    As you wrote, something to keep them put at the end of the handlebar would be great, tell me if you find a good solution! =)