Saturday, December 18, 2010


My Salsa Fargo, on which I've spent the most of my riding time this year, has been a little neglected lately, mostly because the Pugsley is much better suited to the current winter conditions. The Fargo has mostly served as a commuter lately, and that will likely continue during the winter, except for some occasional longer rides mostly on packed trails and roads. After my very positive experiences with the Rido R2 saddle on the Pugsley, I ordered one for the Fargo as well. I haven't tested it extensively on the Fargo yet, but the feelings after shorter rides (max 1 h) is that it is very comfortable on the Fargo as well, even with the less upright riding position.

Rido R2

Currently the best trails are packed really hard and thus easily rideable with the Fargo, but the Pugsley still feels like the better alternative for this.

The Extreme 294 29x2.1" tires look really narrow now...

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