Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's time to wrap up this year. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this blog.

This year clearly showed what my real interest is. I had planned to do a bit of racing, but I only participated in two events: I rode the Pirkka 215 km road event in the fastest group in a little over 6 hours and two laps (120 km) of Tahko MTB in 7h 49 min, a result I'm fairly satisfied with.

One of my goals for this year was also to do one overnighter a month, which I mostly did. These overnighters proved to be the real highlights of the year, and I feel that will be my direction in the future as well. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do some longer outings next year.

We seem to get more snow all the time and currently there is a little over 40 cm (16"). The trails are narrow and semi-soft, expect for the most used ones, which should be rideable with an ordinary mountain bike.

On the last ride of the year I also tested out my new camera backpack (Christmas gift), a LowePro Slingshot 102 AW. As I hoped and expected, it was exactly the right size, i.e. as small and light as possible, and it felt steady on my back loaded with an EOS 40D, 17-70 zoom, extra batteries and a remote cord.

That's it for this year. Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year to you! Looks like Pug heaven there.

  2. Happy New Year!!
    Here's to meeting your 2011 goals, and beyond!!


  3. Happy New Year Yeti!
    have a good Hogmanay and good luck with everything in 2011