Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another winter morning

The weather was clear and sunny for a change. We've had a number of days with grey weather now, so the sun is very welcome for the almost six hours it technically is above the horizon. No mentionable snowfall since last Monday has occurred, so the trails should be rideable. The temperature was a refreshing -13°C.

About 30 cm (12") of snow.

Nobody had bothered to walk where I rode last Monday, meaning that the "singlespeed climb" was fully not rideable today

Christmas card landscape.

Some of the larger trails would have been rideable with an ordinary mtb, but not this one.

I'm going for the "saracen assassin from Robin Hood"-look. The heat exchanger is nice, but still not necessary in this temperature. For high intensity training, e.g. xc skiing with skating style, it makes my lungs hurt a lot less in colder temperatures,

The weather forecast for next Thursday is interesting. -23°C during the night and above freezing 18 hours later and then colder again according to the 10 day prognosis.


  1. You have managed again capturing the proper feeling in to your pictures, they are just great! Here in Kuusamo has been little bit too cold to cycle, today I went for a walk instead and it was a good choice too.

  2. Looks like your snow will hang around a while at those temps!
    Some nice pics there!

  3. Looks like the chain is mighty slack in the second picture. As always, I love following your adventures.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Bob, you are right about the chain. I guess I'll have to tighten it.