Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paimio's Revenge V

Toni Lund and Jani@pyƶristi arranged a larger group ride in Paimio this year as well. The night temperature was below freezing, creating occasional patches of ice here and there. Just in time for the ride it started to rain. The temperature was now a little above freezing, which meant fairly cold riding conditions. We rode for almost five hours and at the end everybody was thoroughly soaked and cold. I did not have time to eat or choose appropriate gear, since I found out that I was able to participate just in time to get there and not be much too late. The last 30 minutes were pure misery, since I ran of of energy in the middle of the ride and had nothing to eat. Preparation is the key to everything...

A few pictures follow. I used my old camera, which leaves a lot to be desired in image quality. It seems to cope with rain quite well, though.

Late fall.


A hopeless try.

The two Pugsleys in Turku.

A few more pictures.


  1. it looks like you guys had a good time!! minus your lack of foul weather gear, although being miserable for 30 minutes isn't as bad as it could've been i'm sure!!
    i have no idea what it's like to ride with others, (99% of my riding is solo), it looks fun!!!
    how'd the "Fat" tires treat ya in that wet stuff??
    how do you like the Larry and Endo combo??
    sorry for all the questions!! lol
    Peace, Joe

  2. I also ride alone most of the time, but it is sometimes it is fun to ride with a group. The optimal group size would a maximum of about 6 persons with fairly equal skill and fitness level, in which case the fun level sometimes might be way higher than when riding alone.

    The fat tires are nice in these conditions. The grip is outstanding, you can brake even in steep descents and the tires don't sink into the mud or boggy sections. Good mudguards would have been nice to have yesterday, though.

    I cannot say anything specific about the tire combo, other than I think it might be the optimal combo. The Larry rolls slower (judging by the sound) but should have a better grip and the Endo works well in the back.

  3. Mudguards/fenders are nice, but i don't find them needed if i wear my good all weather rain pants. The 4" tires really throw the slop, even at low speeds. Lol

    I have my Larry sitting at the LBS, with an Endo on the way. I don't need new tires just yet, but by the end of Nov. I will for sure.
    I did throw around the idea of using a Larry front and back, but I just love the Endo in back. I did find out (via a bunch of "Fat" bikers in Mpls.), to run the Endo in reverse for better grip during the winter months. It worked very very well.
    Snow in the forcast for Thursday!!! YEAH!!!

    Peace, Joe