Saturday, October 16, 2010

Test ride

The first real test ride of the Pugsley took place today. Despite it being designed for soft terrain, like snow and sand beaches, it is a fun bike to ride on ordinary forest trails. The big tires give a lot of cush and the grip is phenomenal. It does not roll as well as an XC race bike and the heavy wheels take some effort to get up to speed, but it still is easier than the tank like appearance would suggest and it does not at all feel clumsy to ride. The big and soft tires are also a lot more kind to the terrain than ordinary tires, something which does have some importance to me in wet conditions.

On one occasion the rear wheel slipped in the dropout on the brake side, but hopefully that won't happen again. I tightened it a lot more this time.


  1. Looks like fun....hope to try one some day.

  2. AWESOME!!! I have been watching your blog waiting to see that thing mosh over roots and rocks. Bravo! Keep us posted on the overnighters, they are inspirational to other riders out there!

  3. Haa Haa you are hooked!!!
    it'll only get better the more you ride it!!!
    my other bikes have been in the garage since i got my Pugsley!! and that's just fine by me!!! :)

    Peace, Joboo

  4. Thanks, guys. I will surely go on some overnighters with it soon. I just have to make a frame bag first.

    Joboo, yes, I think I'm hooked. The fun factor is definitely high and it works very well on rocks and roots.

  5. "Pugs" looks great! Added to my personal wantlist...:) Please tell us later how it goes in the snow..?