Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally ready

The final parts arrived by mail from England today, a pair of Surly Large Marge inner tubes. It seems the tires and inner tubes currently are out of stock from the supplier, and only available in shops that happen to have them in store, a something which changes rapidly. I did try two different DH inner tubes instead of the Surly ones, but had no success.

Anyway, the build is done. The riding position will still need some adjustment and the gear cable has to be shortened, but otherwise it is ready.

8-speed Alfine .

A fixed hub with a sprocket in the front for backup, should the rear hub break down.

Surly Larry in the front.

Surly Endomorph in the back.

During the fall, it will get some bikepacking gear: A full sized frame bag, possibly a front rack and bottle cages on the fork and possibly under the down tube.


  1. another pugsley! -:) cool....

    pity i didnt know you needed tubes, i have 3 surly tubes on the shelf, i use 2.5 DH scrader valve tubes so can add stans juice to stop thorn flats...
    enjoy your pug!,look forward to some action pics!

  2. Great!
    Hoping to see it in action soon.

    So, have you measured the width of the Endos on a Fat Sheba? (On Marge aprox 90 mm)
    And the inevitable question: What does it weight?

  3. I haven't measured the width, but I recall that someone on MTBr had measured the Endomorph to be 96 mm wide on the Fat Shebas.

    I weighed it on a fisherman's scales at home and got readings between 16.7 and 17.8 kg, which I guess is close to what should be expected. (A fisherman's scales does probably not show too little weight, though).

    The real test ride will be during the weekend.

  4. Sweet looking ride, Peter. Jealousy strikes!

  5. Thanks, Hendrik. I don't know if you are familiar with what fatbikes are used for, but for some really nice reading, take a look at Mike Curiaks blog, including some extremely demanding trips. Here is one of the more relaxed tours:

    Arrowhead 135

  6. Hi Yeti. Saw photos of that chunky machine of yours on the FULLARI forum website.... I'm the creator of the RIDO R2 saddle. How're you getting along with it? Aesthetically it looks brilliant on your bike!! Would you grant me permission to post a couple of those photos in the Feedback section of my RIDO website? Cheers, JK

  7. Hi, John. I intend to write something about the saddle when I have done some longer rides on it. After some shorter two hour rides it feels really comfortable and does move the pressure points to the place where they are supposed to be. I have been fairly, but not fully, satisfied with my other saddles (Selle Italia Shiver), but the new saddle made me question them. Today when I went to the food market on another bike, the old saddle actually felt quite uncomfortable in comparison.

    And yes, you have my permission to post the photos on you site.

  8. Great looking bike! My own fat bike dreams are still alive but probably won't see light for a couple of years...