Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Pugsley build is progressing. There were some problems getting the tires, but I managed to find a shop that had them on stock. Hopefully I get them next week. If all goes well I should have the bike built up a week from now.

The build consists of the following components. Some parts will be taken from my Inbred 29er, which at least for the moment I have no use for.

-Frame: Surly Pugsley 2010 XL
-Rims: Vicious Cycles Fat Sheba 80 mm offset drilled
-Front hub: Surly fixed gear, with a 20t cog
-Rear hub: Alfine 8-speed, with a 22t cog
-Front tire: Surly Larry
-Rear tire: Surly Endomorph
-Brakes: Shimano Juicy 5 185/160 mm
-Bottom bracket: FSA 100 mm downhill
-Cranks: Race Face Ride XC with a 32t chainring
-Stem: Procraft 80 mm, might be changed when adjusting the riding position
-Handlebar: Titec Hellbent 640 mm, 1" rise
-Seat post: On-One
-Saddle: TBD
-Pedals: Shimano PD-M545


  1. Looks good. Question, what is the reason for the front planning on front wheel or all wheel drive?


  2. The front sprocket is a backup. Should the rear hub fail for some reason, the front and back wheels can be interchanged on the Pugsley.

  3. must be itchin to get her rolling!

  4. The rear rack seemed to work with only minor adjustments. Feels solid enough.

    Only drawback is that I could not get it centered. It is off ca. 1-2 cm to the left. It would have to be bent to be fitted on the out side of the rack slots. In the reference picture you sent it seem they have done just that.

  5. Jarkko, what about mounting one side of the rack to the inside? Would that help?

    I also will have to make the disk rotors the same size in order to actually enable interchanging the wheels.

  6. That is how I mounted it. Left side has to be outside. It interferes with brake caliper if mounted inside. i think that´s why it is not centered.

    You might be lucky because you have 160mm rear disc. I have to try if they both fit outside.

    And it was way past my bedtime when I was fitting it. :)

  7. nice build man!!!
    you are gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Peace, Joboo

  8. Always loved RaceFace. Great bike and those are really fat tyres. And I thought my downhill tyres were heavy!