Saturday, October 30, 2010

Late fall

Last week had a few nice cold days. On Wednesday the temperature stayed below freezing the entire day and it was nice and sunny. Still, the winter is probably at least one month away and the temperature has risen again, with accompanying rain and cloudy weather. The ten day forecast promises nothing better.

I went for a short ride with the Pugsley. There are some advantages to the fat tires in these conditions: The grip on wet rocks and roots is good and the tires are kinder to the trails. The grip of the Larry in the front feels notably better than that of the Endomorph in the back, which is the way it should be. I should probably also order another of Rido R2 saddle, since it is now clear that the one on the Pugsley is a lot more comfortable than my other saddles.

Lago Littoinen


Water that does drain away will not dry until the next summer. There is no significant evaporation in these temperatures.

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