Sunday, November 21, 2010


We got a few cm of snow a few days ago and the ten day weather forecast promises fairly cold weather with day temperatures between -6°C and -13°C and nights that are a few degrees colder. Is it possible that the winter is already coming? I am hopeful, but it would really be quite early.

I did go out and ride the Pugsley both yesterday and today. There is still no real benefit to the fat tires in the snow. The grip was good, but narrow tires with large knobs would have cut through the snow and given equally good grip. On the occasional half-frozen mud the fat tires did float well without sinking down. When we get more snow the fat tires should be quite nice to have.

Compare this picture with the one from a week ago taken in the same place. A little snow really changes the landscape.

It is really hard to take self documenting pictures with the DSLR. Incredibly enough, the self timer still is as primitive as it was on my SLR:s 15-20 years ago: Just the choice between 2 and 10 seconds. Compare that to my compact camera, which offers a delay of 1-30 s and after that 1-10 pictures. Implementing this would not take more that maybe one work month to program and test. I guess Canon wants us to buy a remote release costing almost 200 bucks. Fortunately, there are cheaper third part alternatives and I have one on the way already.

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