Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More winter

I'm away for a few days at the Pyhäjärvi lake some 60 km from Turku, unfortunately without my bike. Currently it feels like winter. Yesterday it was around -7°C with a strong wind from the north.

Today everything looked different. I took a few pictures just before the snow storm started.


  1. Nice pictures, especially the one with the icy twig! Looks exactly as cold as it is also here a little further to the east... (in Helsinki)

  2. Very fine photos indeed, putting the D40 to good use, I see =)

  3. Actually, those photos were taken with the Canon S90. In these conditions, the S90 takes pictures of virtually DSLR quality. It is in the high contrast situations if fails, due to the smaller dynamic range and the weaker optics.