Thursday, November 25, 2010


It might be childish get exited over snow and cold, but in that case I am a little childish. This is a fantastic start of the winter. I went out for a ride with the Pugsley just before sunset and probably looked stupid with the big smile. We now have 10-15 cm of snow and the temperature is safely below zero.


  1. Great pics there and i share your bug kid feeling from last winter riding the pugs on snow!,
    we have snow up on local hills and more forcasted!

  2. So, have you stopped smiling yet? Lol
    The Pugsley tends to bring out the kid in a guy/gal..... and after all, isn't that what a bike is suppose to do!!?!!
    So what's your verdict on the handling of the Pug in the snow? Was it what you thought it would be??

    Beautiful pictures also!!


  3. Yes, I think it handles just like I thought it would. Today the fat tires provided a clear advantage, especially on places where someone actually already had walked. Just the tracks of say 4-5 persons walking on the same trail provided a firm enough base to roll a lot easier.

    Coastkid, I saw on the news that Britain is getting the earliest snowfall in 17 years.

  4. Peter, I so much share your feeling of being childish and joyful because of sure winter start and the snow!

    Not quite catching how one can ride reliably without studs (OK, they are of no help in fresh snow, but how does getting out of the town work?) - still believing that riding Pugsley in its own element should be a great fun :)

    -- Konstantin / Espoo [following your blog for quite some time]

  5. Nice! Really like that last photo!

  6. Konstantin, I do have studded tires both on my Fargo and my regular commuter bike. Currently there is not any ice on the roads, so there is not much need for studs. I think the fat tires will provide enough grip for all but the most icy circumstances.