Thursday, September 13, 2018

A new kids bike

The boys grow and with the 13 year old now being almost 180 cm tall, and his one year older brother slightly shorter, it was clear that the XS sized Mukluk would be much too small this year.

My plan was to find an M sized fatbike frame with a 170 mm rear and just move over the parts from the small Mukluk, since this seemed like the cheapest option. Selling it and buying a new one would have been more expensive. Some time before Christmas 2017 I noticed that On-One sold out the Fatty frames for a rather small sum of money, and I ordered one. During the winter a friend of mine expressed interest in the XS size Mukluk, and since it was the perfect size for her I sold it. You can now follow some occasional adventures with it (in Finnish) on Retkipaikka. Selling the XS Mukluk meant I had to get a new wheelset, but since I had almost every other component left over from the (temporarily) decommisioned XL sized Mukluk, it economically became just about the same as if I had switched things over from the XS Mukluk.

An M sized One-One Fatty was thus built earlier this year.

The SRAM GX/NX 1x11 is the best drivetrain I've ever had. Two other bikes at home also has it.

The crankset was taken from the XL Mukluk.

Mechanical BB7 disc brakes with 180 /160 mm rotors, which in my opinion is a good set. The fork is a plast dipped black Bearpaw fork from the XL Mukluk.

4.4" Jumbo Jims on the 80 mm Surly Other Brother Darryl is the biggest that this frame can take. During the winter I'll mount the Dillinger 5 studded tires, which also fit well.

The other kid sized bike is a White 3Fat Pro, with an M sized frame. I originally bought it in L size in 2015. After a year with that one I decided I wanted something a little better (and more expensive) for myself, but bought an M sized frame when they were sold out cheaply. I'll probably switch frame to the L sized frame in a year or two, however, to keep up with the kids growing.

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