Monday, October 15, 2018

End of the summer season

Last weekend a number of things came together, leading to an unofficial end-of-the-season party at Sandö. I was free for most of the weekend, we had an Indian Summer in Finland and I also got a group of nice people to join me for a kayaking overnighter.

Our group of six persons started from Pargas Port at 14:40 in the afternoon. The sun didn't have power enough to punch through the low cloud cover, but the wind was a lot weaker than forecasted.

We've had the finest ruska (fall colors) for years in Turku and there are still some remnants of it in the archipelago.

The route went in the Gullkrona Bay, through some more barren and open places.

A typical fall mist in the air.


A short break after a little over one hour.

We decided not to take a further detour and instead went (fairly) straight to our target, since the sunset was now as early as 18:30. Darkness is coming, but the sun still managed to show itself behind some thinner clouds.


Arriving a little before sunset after 18 km.

Evening swimming done and tents erected. A fire was already going with two additional local kayaking acquaintances having arrived there a few hours earlier.

Food, beer and wine.

Though I've reduced my meat consumption by using meat substitutes (there are several excellent ones in Finland), for barbecuing real meat is hard to replace.

Jarkko made pancakes for dessert.

Everyone went to sleep well before eleven.

The night was warm and very humid. A little before seven I took a look out of the tent. The weather was nice and there was no reason not to get up and take a few photos of the absolutely beautiful morning.

I took so much food for the dinner that I forgot my breakfast sandwhiches, but a coffee and some pancakes saved the morning, just in time for the sunrise a little over eight.

Packing the kayaks for a start at nine.

I had to be back home in good time, so the three with coming with my car had to paddle right back, while the others took a detour. It was a beautiful day.

Hike-a-kayak. (Picture by Jarkko).

The straight route follows an array of small islands.

Almost there.

And we were back before noon. The straight route was 12 km. Packing the kayaks and driving home took 2.5 h.

An excellent little outing in good weather and company!

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