Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nuku yö ulkona 2018

Life is fairly busy with ordinary work and also some kayaking guide work. In addition, the Axxell nature photography education I'm taking started last week, so there is no problem to use all availble time for fun stuff. Still, I have family obligations as well, and taking the 13-year old on his first kayaking overnighter was one of them. It happened yesterday, and coincided with the nation wide sleep-a-night outside (#Nukuyöulkona).

The aim was not to do any distance, but rather to have a nice night out in the archipelago. We started paddling around five in the afternoon.

The plan was to go to Högland, one of the designated camp sites of the Archipelago Sea National Park, but before that we came upon some cliffs that looked a lot better, with a 180 degree view of the Gullkrona Bay. We still continued a little, paddling for less than one hour would naturally have been unacceptable.

I think it important to teach inexperienced kayakers that small passages should be tried, even though the risk of getting stuck is obvious.


Found an acceptable tent spot for the bigger tent.

After landing we had a little over two hours to sunset at 290:20. Fall is coming and the light summer nights are just a good memory.

Still some flora around, in this case sea mayweed.

A slight mist (or haze?).

Dinner coming up.

Pancakes to finish the dinner.

The sunset was undramatic due to the clouds.

After a little reading we went to sleep.

Around two in the night I woke up to something big moving in the forest next to the tent. A heavy grunting sound revealed it to be an elk. I didn't want it to be this close to the tent, so I got up to scare it away. At this point I noticed that stars were visible, so I took a photo. There was still a little mist, and the star sky was a bit subdued, but otherwise this place shouldn't have much light pollution.

The elk continued to move around the island, but stayed further from the tent. Sunrise was a 6:40 and I got up a little over seven, after having waited out a light rain.

Orpine is a typical plant in places like this.

The kayaks are waiting.


After some time the sun came around.

Going back.

Back at the starting point after paddling for one hour. A short but nice little trip.

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