Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vacation kick-start overnighter

June was far more hectic that I would have like. A four day Vigu course, five day family vacation to Denmark and Legoland and the conclusion of a five-year project at work kept me very busy. Even the very last day at work before the vacation had me take a work trip to Helsinki, despite having agreed to a paddling overnighter in the afternoon. After some quick packing and a slight delay we got in the car for the two hour ride to the far side of Korpo, for some paddling, team building and filming exercises for the coming paddling film of Lennart Media.

Packing the kayaks.

Before the crossing.

Sheltered behind an island.

The wind was about 10 m/s, which made for liveful paddling in the open sections.

Landed at Konungskär.The open hut was very nice.

Dinner in progress.

The evening was nice.

The next morning was a little cloudy, but a lot calmer.

Testing a dialog scene.

More tests.

Johan takes his drone for an aerial scene.

Magnus has built his Njord himself.

Waiting while a camera is being placed high on a rock.

Fetching the camera from a final scene.

A total reset like this one is a good way to start the vacation. Some people achieve the same reset though alcocol, but that is not to be recommended. I suggest doing an overnight trip instead.

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