Saturday, January 28, 2012


The winter has continued with rather nice weather. I'm becoming slightly frustrated that I have not managed to do an overnighter for more than a month. One weekend I was sick (a tenacious flu that has still not completely passed) and two weekends have seen family stuff preventing me from getting out. Last weekend at Utö was nice, but I now long for an overnighter by bike or skis. Next weekend should be possible.

I did take a take my bike out for some exercise today and checked out the trails. Trails that have been walked on are in excellent shape. Unused trails in the forest were also perfectly rideable with the fatbike.

In open places there was often enough snow to make riding difficult.

I still managed to find some places where the water and mud was not entirely frozen, but these are becoming increasingly hard to find. The temperature has stayed safely below freezing lately.

The day is now 1 h 50 min longer than at Christmas, but it still gets dark before the evening.

PS. My own computer is now being repaired and I currently don't have access to Lightroom. After just five months of using Lightroom, using ordinary jpeg:s without any fine tuning in Lightroom feels unsatisfying. While I'm not into image manipulation, the pictures just don't fully correspond to the idea or vision I had when I took them without doing some Lightroom work.

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