Saturday, January 7, 2012

A turning point

Sing and rejoice! We finally have snow!

While a few centimeters of powder on top of some patches of older snow hardly makes a winter, I feel everything has taken a turn for the better. Compared to November and December, we've had a lot more sun after Christmas and the temperature is now forecasted to mostly stay below freezing. The winter has started.

Yet another tree hit by the Christmas storm.

Full moon. The conditions would be perfect for an overnighter, but I since I was sick with high fever in the beginning of the week, I will have to settle for a slow ride instead. Maybe I'll be in better shape next week.

Sunset over Lake Littoinen, less than two kilometers from my home.

The day is already 25 minutes longer than at the winter solstice, but the early sunset still limits the outdoor time. Of course, you can always use lights to keep going into the darkness, but I still prefer daylight, at least when it is sunny and nice.

A small island in the lake. The fog is signal of the temperature dropping.

An overnighter would have been so nice under the full moon.

It was nice to be on the bike again, even if only for two hours.


  1. The weather is looking very good indeed for now and the next week, and longer GFS forecasts looks for even colder temperatures. Let's see if an overnighter is possible in the near future.

  2. Glad your winter is kick-starting. Still no rain here in the Bay Area (CA, USA).

  3. Peter, I've been following your blog for a while and will be visiting Finland from the USA in late February/early March. If you have any interest in meeting for a ride/hike/ski let me know through my blog or by e-mail.

    I'm glad you have snow there, we still don't have any where I live.

  4. Peter, That fog photo is stunningly eerie and beautiful. Love your photography! You have a masterful eye for exquisite photos. Thanks so much for sharing:)