Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lohja 24

Talk about anticlimax of the year. A few months ago my plan was to make a serious effort at Lohja24 and ride the most part of the 24 hours. Well, my bike did not arrive until a few days before the event, so I changed my plan to at least get a good workout by riding for 10 hours or so. Then I got sick with a flu two days before the event but got well enough to ride for a few hours. I did ride about two hours and then my bike broke, when greenman's Panzer-Pugsley accidentally hit the rear wheel from the side, rendering it completely useless. I think my bike has bad karma.

Lohja is not complete without some rain.


The worst accident during the entire event was fortunately my rear wheel, for which I received this price for a year.

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