Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fargo ride

I went for a 3 hour / 50 km morning ride with the Fargo on mixed terrain (singletrack, dirt road and asphalt). The weather was nice and dry, but it is still not very warm.

Some gear notes: Last weekend I switched the drive train on the Fargo. The previous drive train will go to the Hifi 29, which has been coming very soon now for several months. The crank set is Shimano XT with a bash ring/36/26 up front and an SLX 11-32 cassette in the back. I also got the Salsa Woodchipper drop bar and can confirm that is is good. Finally, the Cascadia 29 fenders arrived and I tested them. They are wide enough to cover 2.3" tires and seem quite stable even on technical singetrack. I will probably remove them for now and put them back on when the fall rains start, though.

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