Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kuhankuono - Intro

I finally got away from work for a whole day and went for a long mountain bike ride. The plan was to ride from Turku to Kuhankuono (Savojärvi) and back, using the western route on the way there and the eastern route on the way back. I estimated this to be around 130-140 km and 12 hours of actual riding time, partially on rather technical trails. I took almost 3 liters of water and 1,2 liters of sports drink as well as some power bars, energy gels and berry pies with me in addition to the mandatory bike gear. At 7:25 in the morning I left home.

Still close to home


Just south of Rehtsuo

Enjoyable trail

Rehtsuo. No riding here, since it would leave ugly marks

Laaskorpi, a new lean-to about here

Trail disaster around here

Full suspension territory

Eating a miracle pie at the Kurjenpesä nature cottage

Refilling the water supply


I continued on the eastern route back, though south of Kangenmiekka they are mainly the same. Shortly after Myllysuo, after 92 km and 11 hours I accepted that I would not have time to ride the entire route back and opted to ride straight home, which in this case was a about 30 km of asphalt roads. It would have taken about three more hours to ride the entire route on trails, especially since the Rehtsuo and Merttelä sections are very slow. I returned home after a little of 12.5 hours, of which 11.5 hours were actual riding time. The distance was 123 km.


  1. Great stuff! Nice looking trails and landscapes. Looking forward for this in La Grande Finale...?

  2. Yes, we'll do a Grande Finale later in the summer. Just start practicing boardwalk riding. There is a lot of boardwalks on the route.