Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Quattro Stagioni 2023: Spring

Going into spring, my stress level at work again skyrocketed, but I still did manage some really nice outings.

I started to work on the boat in the beginning of April. There was a bit to do, of which mounting the Furlex 104s furler was the main thing. I did manage a first day sail on April 23rd, which was quite close to my goal. The spring is a fantastic time in the archipelago. By the end of April there is already plenty of daylight and the days are still quickly getting longer. There is also very few other people out and the everything is just so nice. The heater in the boat is great to have, though. With both air and water temperatures just above freezing, it would otherwise be a bit chilly.

In the middle of May there was also the four day Vigu packrafting white water course, which was very nice.

I still had time for a little sailing at the end of May, working from my boat, which actually works very well.

By the end of May the summer had already started, but I had a week long packrafting and hiking trip in Lapland in the beginning of June, and there it definitely was still only spring, and thus I consider my summer to have begun after that trip.

Looking back at this, the spring was definitely not wasted this time, even though I had much too much to do at work.

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