Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Quatto Stagioni 2023: Winter

The winter 2022-2023 was a very mixed experience.

I'm a bit late with this one, but I decided to write it anyway. This blog is after all mostly for my own memory, since nobody reads blogs anymore.

December 2022 had quite varying weather, but several weekends provided quite wintry skiing conditions. By New Years Day everything had pretty much melted away, though.

And soon it came back. The Epiphany weekend was again provided perfect winter conditions for a three day ski trip.

And less than a week later all the snow was gone. A slight dusting kept things from getting too depressing, but there was no skiing anymore, and by the end of January I started the kayaking season for the year.

In the beginning of February the weather was cold, but there was no snow.

In the second half of February the winter returned, with nice skiing conditions, and that continued for almost month.

By the end if March it started to look a bit like spring...

... but the spring wasn't just unsprung, it was completely buried when April started.

I was unfortunately ill with a persisent flu at the beginning of April, so I couldn't really enjoy the surprise late winter. By the second half of April, almost all snow was gone and the spring started for real.

Next installment: Spring

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