Saturday, April 16, 2022

Last of the winter


The last ski overnighter of the winter was in the beginning of April, 6-7.4,

A late addition, and added mainly as a record of when the winter ended.

After the Tour de Pältsan winter trip, I had assumed that the winter definitely would be over, since we had a nice spring weather before the trip. However, it turned out that the winter returned while I was gone and there even came some more snow, so after having returned home I decided to go on one final winter overnighter in the Turku area, before the spring definitely would arrive.

Definitely enough snow.

I didn't ski for long, a little less that two hours. I wanted to try a tent spot I had seen earlier.

The night was quiet, it seemed that the snow had dampened the enthusiasm of the birds having arrived in the belief that spring was at hand. Now even the wolves bothered to howl at me or anything else.

The morning was a bit misty and I tried not to have too much of a hurry, even though I needed to be at work at ten or so.

The water was running under the snow, though, and the snow bridges weaker.

That's it. A short overnighter in the middle of the work week is quite possible, though the threshold to get out in the middle of the work stress is unnecessary high.

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