Monday, March 21, 2022

The winter


Some radiosilence here in the blog. Here is a short recapitulation of the winter 2020 - 2021.

After the sailing season ended at the end of October, the weather turned wet and dark for a few weeks. By the end of November, however, the weather turned cold and there started to be some hope for a winter. No snow yet, but the lakes started to get ice.

The Nordic skating season was started 2nd of December for my part.

The rest of December went enjoying the cold weather, which was also unusually sunny, though the day is of course short at that time of the year.

Winter solstice.

At Christmas we got snow, but most of had disappeared by New Years Eve in a thaw period.

In the beginning of January we got more snow, enough for skiing. The entire January saw almost weekly thaw periods, but there was plenty of snow for skiing except for a single weekend. Typically January weather is quite cloudy, but this time there was actually some sunny and clear days as well.

By February the snow cover was solid and it stayed so until the end of March. Now the weather was mostly sunny and everything was a real winter paradise.

The new thing for this year was me getting into hot tents, with a lightweight pyramid tent and a light titanium tent stove, a combo of about 4 kg.

With a pulk everything is easily transported.

In March the daylight was visibly coming back and the excellent sunny weather just continued.

Plenty of space inside the pyramid tent.

Cooking on the wood stove.

The last skiing trip of the season in the Turku region was two days before I wrote this. Still plenty of snow in many places, but spring is coming closer. We've had temperatures of up to 10C lately, which makes the snow quite soft in the afternoon. The nights are still below freezing, though, so there is a strong crust in the morning.

Test packed for the upcoming Lapland ski trip.

That's it. A fantastic winter, the best one since 2013. I've tried to make the most out of it with skiing, fatbiking and to a lesser extent Nordic skating. At the time of writing ten nights out, without having any actual vacation yet.

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