Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ski paradise

This weekend the intention was to go to Jurmo in the outer archipelago with a bunch of friends for the weekend. The idea was to do some real winter kayaking. The weather forecast decided otherwise, though.

The wind was unnecessarily hard and in addition the snow we got in Turku mostly came as rain on Jurmo. Thus new plans were made. Some of us still went to Jurmo, others went ice climbing and three of us made a little ski trip.

Since Friday was a work day we got going pretty late and didn't go far from the car for the night. The Töykkälä shelter is a quite nice place in the winter.

First thing to do was to make dinner, with everyone having a different method.

No reason not to have a dessert, since there is plenty of room in a pulk.

Time to check out the open mire in moon light, two days from full moon.

The temperature was clearly dropping, something which can be felt with the face. Still nice and warm close to the fire, though.

We went to sleep sometime after eleven. At first I my toes were pretty cold, and it was only after I put my down jacket around the foot box of the sleeping bag that I got some warmth in them. The closest weather station measured -18C, which felt pretty realistic. I should probably have my sleeping bag washed, since it no longer seems as warm as it was in the beginning.

The temperature rose towards the morning and I got up a little after seven and lit a fire. A slow morning with coffee and stuff followed.

Esko slept in his brand new Hilleberg Soulo.

Getting going for some skiing on the mire.

Esko notices that his backpack is higher than himself. Nothing like cold snow in the neck to really get you going.

The sun rose behind clouds.

Track of a pine marten according to our biologist.

Very nice skiing on the mire.

A view from a small birdwatching tower.

Wolf tracks.

It's not possible to tell how many wolfs there were, since they all literally walk in the footsteps of the first one, with some exceptions. In this case they forked into four separate tracks for a while, before converging again. At least four wolfes, but possible more.

Snowshoe tracks make for fatbike possibilities after a while, though riding them might be quite demanding. There was currently around 30 cm of snow on the mire.

Checking out the extension of a lag zone, which I was curious about. It really is a beautiful winter currently.

Obligatory picture of the lonely birch.

We took a late lunch on an island in the mire, before turning back to camp, where we arrived a little before sunset. Two of us went home after that.

A really excellent trip in a winter paradise.

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