Saturday, November 19, 2011

Still fall.

The grey and boring November weather continues. While November has been quite dry, the terrain is still wet from all the rain that fell during September and October. The days are getting quite short, so we could really do with some snow to brighten up the surroundings. Last year full winter started around this time, but the weather forecast does not give much hope currently.

There was some discussion about the effectiveness and some problems with the Olympus in-body image stabilization (IBIS) on the internet, so I decided check it out a little, even though I've had no problems with it. The reputed problem mainly seems to concern the E-PM1 model and has been reported to cause blurring at safe shutterspeeds. My tests have not showed any such problems, and the IBIS is quite effective, yielding some 2-4 exposure steps of stabilization. E.g. most pictures are sharp when using the 20 mm lens (40 mm equivalent) with exposure times as long as 1/5 s. With 1/10 s there is almost never any shaking induced blurring.

Grey colors for grey weather.

I'm still very much a color photographer.

Confused. Is this spring or fall?

This oak plant hasn't yet given up.


  1. Still waiting here in Norway too. Checking the webcams at the ski areas daily but so far no snow. Enjoy the colours while you can, the season of monochrome will be upon us soon.

  2. I think you've captured 'Misember' very well via your photos. They are really good. By the way, are you planning to use any filters with the MFT camera (UV, ND etc.)?

  3. I'm not much into filters. Years ago, before I started to use Fuji Velvia I used a polarizing filter to get a little stronger colors for my slides, but Fuji Velvia with its saturated colors pretty much took care of that. I also sometimes used a graduated ND filter to even out the exposure difference between the sky and ground, but that is pretty much unnecessary in the digital world. I'm not sure about the usability of a UV filter. Maybe it would be important somewhere high up in the Himalayas.

    A ND filter could be good to have when filming, though. Since the shutter speed must not be too fast when filming, a ND filter could be good to have during the summer.