Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall greyness

The unusually warm November weather combined with the usual fall greyness does not inspire to any greater photographic deeds. I had the camera with me on an small excursion with the kids, though, and tooks some pictures for testing some black and white stuff.

Shallow DOF at f2.2 with the 20 mm lens. Nice.

A single picture needed color. Some Sphagnum species become quite red in the fall.

I also did some more testing of the Panasonic 20/1.7 lens. Combined with the image stabilization of the E-P2 it does allow taking some pictures in pretty low light. This one is taken at ISO 1600, f1.7 and 1/8 s, without a tripod. (Pictures taken at All Saint's Eve).

ISO 1600 with the Olympus E-P2 isn't without noise, but the image quality is still fully usable.

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  1. Very nice photos. Back in the film days I was fascinated with B&W photographing, and used red filter a lot for landscapes, for increased contrast. Maybe that would work with DSLRs too.