Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter paradise

I originally planned to do on overnighter on skis yesterday to take advantage of the nice weather and the full moon. Everything does not always go as planned, however. My seven year old son got sick with a middle ear infection, which plagues the children in Finland during the winter. This morning was spent waiting for the physician and getting medicine (both eardrums had ruptured). Still, the weather was so nice that I had to do something, so I went to Kuhankuono to ski for a few hours. It was a true winter paradise. The temperature was a few degrees above freezing and the sun warmed things up. Earlier this year, when it was cold and nice, I was mainly alone here, but now when it is warm and nice some other people also come here to enjoy the fantastic weather and nice surrounding. The bogs are accessible only during the winter. During the summer the area is mainly off limits, to protect the nature values.

Starting at 15:00.

Beard lichen. These have come back since the eighties, when they diminished a lot due to acid rains.

I also used the opportunity to explore the islands on the bog. This is Iso Välisaari.

Despite looking rather dense from the outside, the inner of these islands is surprisingly open.

Prepared ski tracks.

Another island, Tuhkasaari.

Skating would be nice, but at this point the snow was much too soft.

Snowshoe trail.

Looks like a nice place for some a coffee break.

The coffee spot even had some bare ground.

The Kupilka kuksa is becoming popular among light packers.

A wet part of the bog.

Wonder why these trees died?

My camp spot from four weeks ago. No signs of my visit anymore.

The inner of the Varessaari island.

The weather is just magnific. Hopefully it last for another two weeks.


  1. I really hope too that this will last for a couple of weeks, you know why... ;)

  2. :). I actually made some reconnaissance in the Kuhankuono area and found a few snowshoe trails and old snowmobile trails that should allow riding a fatbike. There is actually a small chance that I might be able to ride there after all.

  3. Beautiful country...Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing Peter. I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing your photos.

    Oh! As for Lake Superior...It does not freeze over very often. The last complete freeze over that I know of was 2003 and I believe it came very close in 2009. That is how the moose and wolves that interact on Isle Royale came to be there. The wolves followed the Moose over to the island and they have been there ever since. Sadly, both populations are now in danger of disappearing.

  4. great as usual Pete!...that bread looks yummy! :P