Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still winter

March has mainly had traditional March weather with sun and temperatures above freezing during the day and below freezing during the night. The trails are nice and hard in the morning and less hard in the afternoon. The commute home from work generally takes place in slush.

I bought a new pair of grips for the Pugsley, the Ergon GX2 Magnesium. I have a corresponding pair without the barends on the FS bike and they are very comfortable. Originally I thought they would be too thick for winter usage with the Pugsley, but since I use pogies when it is colder outside I don't really use any thick gloves and hence this should be the most comfortable grip alternative for me. The barends are mainly for keeping the pogies in place.

Sun shine, birds singing and warm weather. Nice...

Occasionally, the trails are soft even for a fat bike, providing opportunities to make snow angels.

A different angle. A 24 mm lens (equivalent) is not really enough for this sort of pictures, but it is not really my thing anyway.

There are boardwalks somewhere under the snow.

Fancy sitting down for a rest? Here is a park bench.

I also got an interval timer as well a wireless remote for the EOS 60D from LinkDelight in China. They did not cost much (about 30 € for both), but I still think it is very poor of Canon not to include any real timer and intervalometer software in the actual camera. It should be a trivial task to program the user interface and functionality for that. Did Canon really think I would pay 140 € for interval timer functionality? The original Canon TC80N3 costs that much. The wireless remote also seems to work and the trigger is small enough to fit inside my gloves where my thumbs go.


  1. That Canon interval timer is really expensive when you think that I paid about the same price for the PowerShot SX130 IS, although it was on sale.

    Next weekend is the full moon...

  2. Yes, if the weather is nice I will probably go on a ski overnighter next weekend.