Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2: Västerby-Harparskog-Turku

I slept quite well, after some initial problems catching sleep, and slept much longer than I had planned. But, after all this was vacation, so I got up maybe 6:45.

Morning porridge.

Finally moving again at 8:15.

Some trails have grown a lot.

Vitsjön, the first one.

Riding along Grabbskog Storträsk.

It seems that someone has designated the area for outdoor recreation. I found no less than four relatively new lean-tos in the area, all in very nice places. I guess it is a good thing if it gets people out to the outdoors.


Some trail destruction was also found.

Going from Västerby to the Harparskog area I found myself bushwacking at a certain place. 20 years ago there was a (poor) path just around here, but no longer. At least the mosquitos got some food.

Vitsjön, another one.

Some remnants from the war 70 years ago.

Vitsjön, yet another one.

At this point I was running out of time, so I had to take the fastest way back to Turku, which meant around 120 km and almost 6 hours of riding, including a food break.

I rode for 140 km and approximately 9 hours, of which a little under 8 hours was actual riding time.

This time I did not have time to check out the trails west of Skogby. I guess I will have to come back and do that at some point.

Here is a slideshow with more pictures.

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