Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 1: Turku-Teijo-Västerby

I had been thinking of doing a trip to the forest where I roamed in my childhood and youth. This is mainly the Västerby area and parts of the Hanko peninsula. The Teijo area also seemed interesting. I had some winter vacation remaining and got away from work for two days.

The Salsa Fargo is packed and the ride has just started at 8:15.

Trying to get to Teijo using the smallest roads possible, which means forest roads and country roads of different size.

Finally at Teijo around 13:30.

The trails of Teijo do not disappoint.


Refilling the water supply. The risk of getting sick from the water is probably quite small, but it is not that much work to filter it either.

Dinner at Puolakkajärvi.

The Teijo area was everything I expected. It might be worth visiting it with an FS bike. There should be enough trails for at least 3 hours of riding.

Continuing towards Västerby along the smallest roads possible.

Lost. I took a wrong turn and the road ended. There was a nearby lake which I figured would have at least some animal paths, which would lead me to a road at the other end of the lake. The plan worked.

A short break at Hamarjärvi.

Finally in Västerby, around 21:20.

The trails seem to have grown lately.


Finally at my destination for the night, Västerby Storträsk, after riding for almost 14 hours and 160 km. Actual riding time was around 10.5 hours.

The lean-to was not here the last time I slept here.

A refreshing bath after a long day on the bike.

Because of the mosquitos I took a tent this time.

Making pancakes. Yumm!

I went to sleep maybe a little after 23:30.

Day 2.

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